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Thank you for booking a consultation session with Mary-Lou!

Thank you for booking your consultation with Mary-Lou. We look forward to supporting you with dedication and commitment. 


Within the next 24 hours, you will receive 4 email invitations to complete Mary-Lou’s online Intake Forms and Questionnaires from a site called Nutri-Q. The Forms and Questionnaires, and Free Home Tests all add amazing value to assessing your various body systems and save a fair amount of money:

  1. The Questionnaires and Forms as Mary-Lou can tell alot about underlying body system imbalances through her ever-expanding education and experience over the past 30 odd years of running her Practice and ongoing studies

  2. The Home Tests as they are all free and Mary-lou assessments of the results, is able to save you money on needing related lab and/or blood tests*. (they may require a small financial outlay of between £10 and £50 for the support needed for some tests) .

*Mary-Lou may need other lab or blood tests that cannot be assessed through symptom assessment or free home tests, and will discuss this in your session, or after.


Just so you don't miss them, the aforementioned emails are not from Mary-Lou … they are from the site called Nutri-Q (which may initially land in your SPAM folder, so please check).  Mary-Lou’s name is in the subject line, as follows: Mary-Lou Harris, your Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioner


Please note that the questionnaires and forms will be grouped into 4 categories including the following, for your ease of reference: 

  • Body symptoms, history and food diary questionnaires

  • Brain health and inflammation questionnaires

  • Resources and Support Plans questionnaires

  • Free Home Tests questionnaires

  • Nervous System and Biology of Trauma status Assessment Forms


As mentioned, please check your spam folder if you don't see the 4 emails in your inbox. Once You complete the Nutri-Q questionnaires and click 'submit', Mary-Lou will assess the reports and will then discuss them with you in your consultation. You will have access to all the reports and they will form the foundation of your consultation.


The Nutri-Q questionnaires autosave, so you can pace yourself with completing them..e.g. start today, and continue at various intervals over the next few days. If you would like some extra information on how to use the site, here is a tutorial video that shows you how to sign-up for the site, fill out forms and log meals/feelings.


Should you have had any lab and/or blood tests please email them to Mary-Lou at, as she looks at them through a Functional Medicine lens, rather than the conventional allopathic way.


We look forward to walking this next journey with you, on this road to achieving your desired goals and health outcomes.' 😍




Mary-Lou Harris (Biology of Trauma certified, HMCP, FdSc, Dip ION, ITEC, RHFP, HMCP, SACOCT)

& Augustine Shamuyarira (Client Support Manager)

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