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Emotional Clearing Lectures (Corporate/Formal/

Life Management support Informal Home lectures

Functional & Integrative Nutrition Therapist Consultations on Skype

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This is a tailor made, one-to-one process where we explore as many of your conscious memories as you can recall, as well as exploring your sub-conscious memories, parents and grandparents histories and relationships with you and each other, and other siblings, as well as their and your views of the world at large.


Functional Nutrition & Wellbeing Consultation

Whether it is a stress response, hidden emotional blocks, physical imbalance in your body's biochemistry (Functional Medicine Nutritional approach) or simply a need for emotional support, it is my focus to help you identify, and understand, what the underlying imbalance/s may be.


Function Blood Tests

For extremely comprehensive blood chemistry tests that check out your entire body systems functionality, to help us assess what to do to support you to optimal functionality. More affordable than most combinations of tests I have seen yet, you only do one test, and I will assess and provide you with a comprehensive and detailed Functional report and personalized recommendations.


'Have you been thinking about studying nutrition & wellbeing?

Would you like to learn to practice the way Mary-Lou does?

Your opportunity to embrace a new career is one click away! 

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