• White refined carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, biscuits, cakes, crisps, potatoes) -Replace with whole-wheat, brown, unrefined options
  • Frying your foods. It destroys nutrients and releases much more sugar from starchy carbohydrates
  • Sunflower and refined vegetable cooking oils & margarines (inflammatory) - Replace them with coconut, olive or walnut oils or butter
  • Artificial sweeteners of all kinds - Replace them with Xylitol (natural low sugar substitute)
  • Cow’s dairy - Replace with following milks: Goat (St Helen‘s), Oat (Oatley) Rice (Rice Dream); Hazelnut or Almond milk
  • Take away foods like Pizza, chips, Fried chicken, burgers.  They are high in sugar and damaging fats (and salt)
  • Baked potatoes or mash potato or fried chips and crisps - they turn into VERY high sugar in the blood stream, very quickly
  • Reduce caffeine intake (coke, coffee, tea) to no more than 1 per day - Replace them with herbal teas and quality filtered water (1-2 litres/ day)
  • Eat at LEAST 3 to 5 portions of OILY fish each week (salmon, mackerel, sardines, kippers, herring)
  • Eat less red meat and eat fatty foods (like meat, eggs, cheese) that are organic.
  • Enjoy eggs (up to 6 a week) that are FREE RANGE and preferably organic (Cholesterol is not increased by these eggs)
  • Eat AT LEAST 5 to 15 portions (Your palm full) of FRESH (preferably ORGANIC) vegetables DAILY
  • Try to ‘EAT FOR THE RAINBOW’ - add the colours to your daily diet (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white)
  • Keep fruits that are high in sugar to a minimum.  All Berries are outstanding, as is kiwi fruit and apples
  • Eat organic fruits with their skins ON. The brightest and darkest colours have the highest antioxidants for your immunity.
  • Add raw Alfalfa sprouts to your meals at least three times/week - they are packed with live enzymes and multi nutrients!
  • Snack ONLY if you MUST (Blood sugar imbalance) - snack on Low GL snacks (see list). Nairns Oat cakes are excellent.
  • Make sure you get enough quality protein for a healthy brain, heart, to repair damaged tissue, build hormones and enzymes.
  • DO NOT EAT BURNT food (including toast) - it is cancer forming
  • Add ground nuts and seeds to breakfasts, soups, stews - adds fibre and Essential Fatty acids and protein to your diet
  • Add well cooked beans, lentils and pulses to you weekly meal plans
  • Eat organic 70% dark chocolate. Chocolate is the most highly pesticide sprayed crop - taxes your liver)
  • Add garlic, red onions, ginger to your meals as often as possible, and cook with the Top 10 Herbs and spices
  • Invest in a £12 steamer (Tesco) - it is the healthiest way to cook meals - especially vegetables)
  • Drink SPICE UP YOUR LIFE TEA at least once a day (Anti-inflammatory, Pain killing; blood sugar balance; digestive)
  • Use BROWN RICE NOT WHITE! (Start by adding ONE bag of brown rice to each 3 bags of white rice each week.  Your tastes will adapt!


Healthy Food & Cooking Methods


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