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How Mary-Lou Can Best Support You


Here is the initial process and information about how Mary-Lou can best support you:



True to the ethos of Functional Medicine Practice, Mary-Lou will create Bespoke Health Improvement Strategies for you. She will, therefore, quote fees to you once she has assessed your needs in the first 20-minute complimentary chat. Please feel free to book a complimentary 20-minute chat here.

Payment Options

Once you submit your contact details or have discussed your needs with Mary-Lou in a free 20-minute session, we will send you an appropriate booking link and options to pay your fees at the time of booking.


When is she available?

Mary-Lou will send you a booking link once you have confirmed that you wish to go ahead with her support. Her consultation days are typically Wednesdays (or Fridays if Wednesdays do not work for you) and the times she consults are from 12h00 UK (GMT) time zone to 18h00 (GMT) as a start time.


As soon as we receive your booking, we will use the contact information from the booking details to activate the Whole Practice online questionnaires, forms and free home tests. An email from Whole Practice will be sent to your inbox, with instructions on how to access them. You are also welcome to please submit your information here, regarding your needs, so we can send you the correct booking link.


Complete Whole Practice Questionnaires

You will be asked to complete online questionnaires and do some free Home Tests so that Mary-Lou can assess your underlying body system imbalances.


Once you have completed the questionnaires the reports will be assessed by Mary-Lou. She will share them with you just before your online consultation, where she will discuss them with you, to take the first steps of getting you on the road to recovery.


You will be able to pace yourself with completing the questionnaires, and pause each one, by clicking the relevant ‘click here’ button on each page.

Whole Practice will save everything you have already typed at that point,  so it's there for you when you return to the questionnaires at a later date/time, allowing you to pace yourself and even complete them over a few days before your consultation (which Mary-Lou needs at least 48 hours in advance, please, to factor in the time to assess your reports)


Submit any blood tests

If you have any recent blood tests or other tests, please send copies to Mary-Lou, so she can further support your consultation*


(*there may be an additional quote for additional assessment  time)

You can forward them as PDF documents or similar, or photograph hard copies and email them to her at


Further Blood and/or Laboratory Tests

After assessing your Clinical Symptoms using the information you have submitted via the Whole Practice Online Questionnaire forms and free home tests, Mary-Lou may need to ask you to get further Blood and/or Laboratory Tests done to be able to assess what could not be ascertained form your Clinical Symptoms Assessments.  This will be detailed with costs and the reasons for her requesting them, after your initial consultation, as much can be assessed via Clinical Symptoms Assessments. Any further tests will require a second consultation (which Mary-Lou will itemise in the costings of the Further Tests Recommendations document) as she will present the findings of her assessment of the tests/s results to you in this consultation. You will receive digital copies of all the test results reports, as well as her Recommendations after the second consultation.

Support Plan Options

After the initial consultation, there are various Support Plan Options that you can subscribe to, in terms of your required level of 'Between-Consultation' support needs. Mary-Lou will provide you with the costs of the Support Plans in your pre-consultation forms as well as in your follow-up recommendations, for your convenience. 

Follow up Consultations

The frequency of Follow-up consultations will be discussed with you after your initial consultation and will depend on whether you choose a Support Plan as mentioned above, to enable Mary-Lou to track your health profile as you move through your Bespoke Programme with her.  Support Plan sessions are a maximum of 30 minutes and are highly discounted to encourage you to reach out for support, and to walk this road with a 'helping hand'. 


Support Plan sessions are not a replacement for Follow-up consultations, as these require a significant amount of work. However, if you are on a Support Plan, you will not require as many Follow-up consultations, as you will be tracking your progress with greater frequency (based on your discussion in the initial consultation).  Support Plan needs do change as you progress through your Bespoke Health Improvement Programme with Mary-Lou, as your needs should reduce as your improvement continues, and as you gain more knowledge about your health and what best supports you from Mary-Lou.


Mary-Lou's Portfolio

Read more about Mary-Lou's portfolio and qualifications here.




Read many great testimonials from happy clients 🤗

You are welcome to book a complimentary 20-minute chat to see if you and Mary-Lou are a good 'fit'.

We look forward to supporting you further. 


Things to do Before the Consultation


  • Please text or WhatsApp Mary-Lou to arrange a convenient appointment date and time.  Mobile: +44 (0)7747 888353   
  • Please allow at least 90 minutes for your consultation.


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