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Client Testimonials

Below are testimonials from some of Mary-Lou's clients!

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Minal (London, UK) says:

 Three years ago, I was going through an incredibly difficult period in my life. I was unable to deal with certain life events and fell into depression. I met Mary-Lou for a consultation and genuinely it has been the best thing I ever could have done. 


I learned more about myself in the past 3 years with Mary-Lou’s support, than I ever have done! How bizarre to realise, that we don’t know ourselves as well as we think we do, even as a fully grown adult.

I have a much better understanding of how the foods that I eat, affect my wellbeing, my emotions and my behaviour. I now eat a better, more nutritious diet, which enables me to feel more active and energetic. Mary-Lou has even helped to fix some of the symptoms I was getting with an ongoing health issue. Such a relief to no longer keep taking antibiotics (which do more harm than good), and learning how to fix/manage ailments naturally.

I have become more emotionally resilient and am more self-aware so that I can lead a happier, healthier life. I can say that I truly know myself now and that I understand how my mind and body work in conjunction with each other.


Mary-Lou is always there for me, whenever I need her, quickly responding to my emails and texts. I would not be in the position that I am in now, had it not been for Mary-Lou.

Minal (London, UK).jpg Use this one.jpg

Monika D: Academy of Wellness student (London, UK) says:

I have known Mary-Lou for many years now, in so many of her diverse range of roles. She has been my mentor, therapist, tutor for my various studies through the years, and now my Personal tutor at the Academy of Wellness, where I look forward to one day being a similar type of therapist and mentor that I have experienced from Mary-Lou.  Above all, I have felt deeply loved and cared for by Mary-Lou and now also call her ‘Friend’ as I know that she truly has my very best interests at heart.  I am impressed that she manages to maintain being very professional but is in no way ‘distant’. I have always felt very loved and cared for by her, even when we first met, and I know that the friends I referred to her feel the same way. All these years on, I trust her implicitly.


She has been the most tremendous help to me in my life’s journey: helping me to understand more about my body, and how it works with the nutrition and lifestyle choices I make. She has offered practical suggestions of nutrition and lifestyle changes that have supported improvements in my well-being. It astonishes me every time, but there seems to be nothing she can’t find a solution for - she always seems to come up with something no matter what I have thrown at her – be it study choices or my health.


She has such an expanded knowledge range, and I am impressed that she continues to keep up to date with new information, and also continues to expand her own studies, which impacts me as a student of hers, as I have access to all the fantastic knowledge she imparts, not only in nutrition but her qualifications in various holistic therapies too.


As my Personal Tutor, for my own studies, I feel that Mary-Lou always makes time for me. Even though I am not English, as Polish is my first language, she manages to explain things in a way that I can easily understand, and when it comes to my assignments and case studies, she provides useful help by pointing me to resources that I can use and understand, whether they are books or online options. I trust her knowledge and guidance, as she always gives me specific tests to improve my knowledge.  She is so good at communication as I have seen how she has different ways of interacting with people.  I find her to be adaptable to the person’s personality, pace and learning styles, no matter who she talks to. She just seems to ‘know how to speak the person’s language’ and I am not referring to English, but something so much deeper than that.  Mary-Lou is warm, approachable, reliable and knowledgeable – all very important in any form of studies, or client-therapist relationship


One of the areas I am most touched by is that she always makes time to help me, and I know how busy she is.  I have always referred her to my friends and family and I am delighted that they too, always come back very happy that they met her. I know that many of them have then referred her to THEIR loved ones too.  I truly feel that whoever is counselled or tutored and supported by Mary-Lou is a very lucky person to have her in their lives!

Monika D, AOW student (London, UK).jpg

Elizabeth O (Congo, Africa) says:

I had first heard about Mary-Lou at a boot camp I attended before my 40th birthday and the wonders she could do with people struggling with their weight both physically and emotionally...


Two years on...I contacted Mary-Lou to facilitate an emotional clearing which helped to unblock a transgenerational pattern in my family system...I was given the careful support and practical advice that characterises Mary-Lou’s approach to her clients.  She will always go the extra mile!  Through her meticulous research and obvious passion to help people like me, where traditional medicine did not quite reach the mark, Mary-Lou analysed my symptoms, blood tests results and lifestyle and came up with a nutrition plan with dietary supplements and recipes.  She was patient and determined to provide me with a better understanding of my biochemistry and how gut health and stress had affected my health. 


Within a few weeks of the eating plan and her continuous support my symptoms started to abate which was also reflected in my blood results.  After almost a year of feeling a stranger to myself, I began to regain my energy and get my life back.  Mary-Lou is a quick-thinking and compassionate soul who really listens without judgment to what is really going on both in the body and in the mind.  I am grateful for her continued support.

Lorna G (Dubai) says:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2015. I hadn't had time to digest/process the fact that I had cancer, before the oncology doctors were pressuring me to start chemo and radiation. In their eyes, I had no other choice.

I had so many questions that I needed answers to, yet the doctors appeared to be very uncomfortable answering them. Their cold lack of support made me feel trapped and scared in a life that I didn't want to be part of. 


In this day and age and with all the money that is invested into cancer research, how can chemo be the only option I have?!?


I then met with Mary-Lou, where my fears turned into hope and my anxiety turned into calm. She is compassionate, understanding and has a very calming demeanour.
She empowered me with knowledge that helped me to understand cancer and its causes but most importantly of all, she gave me options which in turn, gave me back the 'control' of my life and decisions.

I completed a very detailed client profile form which produced some analysis to be explained to me at our meeting. This was to look at my overall health, not just my cancer diagnosis per se'. From this report, Mary-Lou could see that I had adrenal fatigue which was why I had been feeling anxious and wasn't able to deal with stress as I used to (long before my cancer diagnosis), it was also very likely to be the reason why I suffered with insomnia for so many years. It also highlighted that I had candida and interestingly, there are reports linking cancer with Candida.


We covered so many aspects of my past 'toxic' lifestyle and the changes I would need to make going forward. We discussed my options of going down the conventional route and the option of not and she assured me that which ever decision I made, that she would provide me with a full integrative support program.

We discussed many other matters, and if I were to note them all here, it would be a novel and not a testimonial. However, I came away from that one initial meeting with Mary-Lou armed with more information than I had learnt in a string of never ending appointments at the hospital. I was no longer afraid of cancer, because I understood it, this in itself was invaluable to me.


Aside from supporting me from a nutritional aspect, there were some other very critical areas for me to consider/practice, she provided me with supplements to help support and rebuild my immune system (alongside an alkaline diet plan)

We discussed detoxing methods and the importance of living a toxic free life style (removal of household cleaners, beauty and makeup products, even cookware and many many more..) I cannot believe I was so naive to such matters before.  It was also suggested during our conversation that I have colon hydrotherapy and focus on meditation, breath work therapy and yoga. I was strongly advised to reduce stress as much as I could, this included my job. Most interestingly of all, I learnt that carrying around emotional 'baggage' can also be destructive to a person's health, especially those with breast cancer. Mary-Lou ran some therapy sessions to help me get closure on some issues that had been weighing me down for many years.

When she isn't consulting, she is researching and sharing useful links and articles with her many clients, she sends through recipes, mediations, documentaries etc. There are many (often inaccurate) articles on the internet. I am rest assured that all articles Mary-Lou shares are from a trustworthy source. Her vast array of in-depth knowledge of so many subjects blows me away and I am certain she would blow the minds of most conventional doctors.

Mary-Lou is amazing and a very admirable character. She is caring incredibly trustworthy and loyal to her clients. It isn't just a 'job' to her, it's her life, her passion! You will see this within a few minutes of talking to her.  I literally put my life in her hands and I can honestly say with the help and support that she provided me, even after cancer, I feel the healthiest I have ever been.


I cannot thank you enough Mary-Lou... you really are one in a million.

Lorna G (Dubai) .jpg

Raphaelle (France) says:

I have been lucky enough to know Mary-Lou for nearly 10 years.  I first contacted her for nutritional advice and it was one of the best decisions I could have made.  I was feeling really unwell and stressed.  Our first meeting was a wonderful turning point for me and my relationship with my health.  Since then I have introduced Mary-Lou to my husband and if we need support, whether it is nutritional or emotional Mary-Lou is our first port of call.  One of her many special qualities is that Mary-Lou loves to share her insights.  I have learnt a great deal from her about my relationship with food and my own biochemistry.  Her passion, energy, kindness and depth of knowledge are truly remarkable.

Raphaelle  (France)_edited.jpg

Warwick, Beata and baby Liam (Slovakia & London,Uk) say:

We have honestly learned so much from Mary-Lou about our own health and our son Liam's health. I had chronic IBS for many years and through following Mary-Lou's gut health recovery program I can say I am now genuinely healed from my IBS. Our son Liam had terrible eczema since birth, however by removing gluten, dairy & sugar from my wife's diet, together with introducing probiotics, thanks to Mary-Lou's advice, our son is now healed of his eczema, continuing to breastfeed with no effects of eczema evident. Mary-Lou's advice, guidance and extensive knowledge has been absolutely pivotal in our family's life and we have learned so much through our commitment to her wellness and nutrition-focused programs. Thank You Mary-Lou for the invaluable life-changing advice and knowledge you have shared and supported us with, it has truly enabled us to re-focus our lives, with much-improved health and general well-being truly evident in our daily lives.

Warwick, Beata & Liam (London, UK & _Slovakia).jpg

Lori (London, UK) says:

Working with Mary Lou to improve my health has been amazing. She gives very detailed and thorough consultations, with bespoke food and supplement plans, working with you every step of the way to reach your goals. She is a thoughtful and very supportive practitioner, whose breadth of knowledge on a range of topics is quite impressive! 


I've learned a lot about viewing the body in a holistic way through my education with Mary-Lou, as well as the importance of how our emotions and psychological states impact on our bodies. It has been extremely reassuring to know I can turn to a highly qualified, friendly, nutritional expert that will support me and provide me with the right resources and information that I need to continue improving my health. I hope to continue working with her for many years to come. Thanks Mary-Lou!

Lori (London, United Kingdom).jpg

Claire (Horsham, UK) says:

I have a great deal of respect and trust for Mary-Lou. Not only has she taught me how to provide a nutritionally balanced diet for my Son who has a milk allergy, she has helped me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With no end to her talents she is also a fantastic and supportive life coach who has taught me to value myself and learn to trust again.

Claire (Horsham, United Kingdom).JPG

Sinead (Essex, UK) says:

Mary-Lou has been a life-improving source of personalised information for me. Her knowledge on improving physical and emotional health scientifically is thorough and up-to-date and I have learned so much. I come from a medical background and request from her an explanation for any advice she gives, and Mary-Lou happily gives it in impressive detail. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Sinead (Essex, United Kingdom).jpg

Beverly (London, UK) says:

My name is Beverly. I am 53 years of age. I was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. 


Mary Lou has been my nutritionist and emotional therapist for about 4 years now. During this journey I have learned that chemotherapy doesn't get rid of cancer. It can only target the tumours, and the mother cells are left to become reactive at a later stage. This is what has happened in my case. Under Mary-Lou’s guidance, I have changed my diet to a Ketogenic diet, which provides my body with easy energy for my recovery, and also includes more live foods to help my good cells to thrive. I have learned that this diet doesn't produce inflammation in the body – in fact, it reduces inflammation - which is one of the known causes of diseases and illnesses, especially cancer. I understand now that cancer is like any other disease or illness. With a healthy diet, good quality supplements and a calm, peaceful life equipped with stress management skills and lifestyle changes, one’s health has a very good chance of being restored. A few months ago the doctor was saying I may need a hip operation. It was painful to walk at times. After talking with Mary-Lou, I learned how to change my diet to a Ketogenic diet and within a matter of weeks. I was good as gold. 


I also learned how, If one has had challenges in childhood or even adulthood, and you have not resolved these issues, your body can store it, breaking down the immune system, and making way for diseases and illnesses to set in. It's also important that whoever is involved in your health care (even your nutritionist) that they believe in what they do from the heart. And they give you hope and they really do care about you and listen to what you have to say. They empower you. This is my experience with Mary-Lou. I have learned powerfully through experience, and having been educated by Mary-Lou, that health must include a change in lifestyle and choices. For the rest of your life! This is how one reaps the benefits to move forward in healthful ways...especially with a cancer diagnosis.

Beverley (London, United Kingdom).jpg

Mandy V (London, UK) says:

I never believed in taking supplements for my health, however, then I met Mary Lou through a friend and everything changed for me. I was recommended to contact and have a consultation with Mary Lou after ongoing health problems and issues with my stomach and diet. After my consultation, I followed her advice and began to take the correct supplements for my body. After a few weeks, I really started to notice a difference in myself. I no longer suffer from stomach pains and cramps, nor am I continuously ill. Mary Lou has helped change my life and has been there to support me every step of the way. She has provided me with continuous support day and night, which has helped me improve my health tremendously.  Mary Lou has helped me to understand so much more about my body and health. Her knowledge is impeccable and I cannot thank her enough for the changes she helped me make to my life. I would recommend her to anyone who feels they need the extra support and knowledge to improve their health and lifestyle choices.

Deborah (Abu Dhabi) says (Testimonial from a very happy mother):

Mary-Lou is rated by my gifted, intelligent 22yr old son as being able to answer all his questions, a feat extraordinaire! Someone who is a true embodiment of the meaning of an 'holistic' care giver, thank goodness we met.Besides being a 'life saver' recommending Mary-Lou is not enough, everyone should have the opportunity for a discussion with this fountain of knowledge, a chance for healing.

Samantha Desplace (Durban (KZN) SA) says:

I am honored to be a Student of the Academy of Wellness – my journey with the Academy started through the Late Stuart Wilson.  Stuart was an amazing mentor who worked closely with me through the first phase of my course.  His unwavering support, passion for Health and Wellness and his guidance surpassed all my expectations. His Legacy now lives through his successors, namely Mary-Lou Harris, who is currently going to great lengths to update the content of the course material.  The PAT (Personal Allocated Tutor) system, which has been implemented, is of great benefit to the students, allowing them to have close contact and guidance from Mary-Lou, this is an invaluable Service when studying through correspondence.  Furthermore, the level of Expertise offered through this system, and by Augustine’s technical knowledge, is outstanding. I highly recommend the Academy of Wellness to anyone who might be interested in pursuing their Studies in the Health and Wellness Industry.

Wafa Hamkari (Essex, UK) says:

Mary-Lou is a fountain of knowledge and heart, and has really helped me in ways where the doctors have not been equipped to ... my life is infinitely better since she has been in it ... over ten years now I believe ❤️

The advice and information she passes on is in a non-judgmental way, you can be totally honest about your " bad habits ".. she educates, helps and encourages you to be the best version of yourself ... when your session of nutrition or healing or reflexology is over  I guarantee you will be educated, uplifted and motivated for whatever is next in your journey.

I am still just living my life and I am not living the total natural lifestyle but I am now equipped with the knowledge about how to impact my health in a less toxic way and I'm "less bad " to my body and soul. In short, Mary-Lou is one impressive lady.

Wafa Hamkari (Essex, UK).PNG

Marie J (London, UK) says

“Every person that passes through our lives makes a contribution to our life stories. There are those who play large roles and make deep impressions, and I can truly say that Mary-Lou Harris is one of those people!

It was my young daughter that introduced us when she was at Boot Camp struggling with weight problems. I was not fond of the military-style, adrenal draining methods that Boot Camps use (but each to their own) however, she came back considerably lighter, much fitter and far more knowledgeable in ways of nutrition and general well-being.  


When my daughter shared her experiences with me, she enthusiastically told me she'd met an Angel in the name of Mary-Lou Harris! I was rather intrigued by this, as my daughter is very selective about the company she keeps and has a very intuitive way of seeing people and their colours, so has a tendency to be wary. I found myself to be quite impressed with this newfound knowledge of hers. I sensed from my daughter. that there was a deep element of trust in this new relationship with the person she talked about so fondly.  I was keen to meet with this lady named Mary-Lou. I had been having stress-related digestive problems and after seeing my father suffer from ulcers, and pass away from bowel cancer, had started to worry about my own health...was I going to end up the same way? I had constant stomach aches and was very low on energy.

After a short and very warm chat with Mary-Lou on the phone, I arrived in Somerset to pick up my daughter and I was greeted with the warmest hug from this elegant, vibrant and lovely lady.


Instantly I knew why my daughter trusted her. She felt safe. We had a brief chat and concluded that I would see Mary Lou for a consultation ASAP. Well, that experience alone was life-changing! Immediately Mary Lou picked up on several points of concern regarding my health and conducted tests. From that initial session, I learned so much about what was good and not good to eat in support of the body and healthy living.  I was actually really surprised at some foods that were causing me stress and pain because of the inflammatory factors! What an education so early in our communications! 


Mary-Lou devised an eating plan and suggested an array of supplements for me to start on to support and facilitate healing in my well-being - both mentally and physically - from thereon.  Within just one week I started to feel better - I actually started to feel alive again!  Mary-Lou had picked up that my adrenals were in great need of support… and this stuff was working! At the age of 46, I had a new lease on life!!  My business of buying and selling properties had hit the floor in the year 2008 due to the markets and had caused me a great deal of stress, worry and upheaval. I wanted to take a new direction, career-wise, but what would I do in midlife?  I was finding myself becoming more and more overwhelmed with responsibility and a stressful job, which was soul-destroying... but needs must... I had to pay the bills. In speaking with Mary-Lou further down the line, I learned that she does a process called Emotional Clearing, which in short, consists of going through a timeline of one's life and using Gestalt and other therapies to correct where there are issues. It was a gruelling and very emotional session. Mary Lou had generously committed many hours to go through this process with me.
Afterwards, I felt lifted and cleared! I had a deep sense that everything was going to be more than alright.

We kept in touch and my health went from strength to strength. If there were any issues, Mary-Lou kindly enlightened me what was going on, and why and how to remedy it...(she has a great knack for doing this with people, taking time to explain processes, so very comprehensively that it becomes fascinating)

I started to feel more confident about life and just because I was ‘middle-aged’  was in no way going to stop me from learning something new! I felt it was a new chapter - a new beginning! I felt inspired by Mary Lou... the fact that there is an inherent kindness, an ancient wisdom and a wealth of knowledge with her. She genuinely loves what she does and is one of the most sincere and loving people I know. I was happy to put her in a place of trust because I know she truly cares about people.


I wanted to do something similar to Mary-Lou, career-wise, as I loved the results and the positive effect she has on others. I've always had a great inner need to help others, although my path is slightly different in what I do, and I am extremely interested in nutrition,  well-being and holistic living.  I felt I wanted to contribute to mankind more on the therapeutic side of things. 


The idea came to me one day while talking to another therapist - a great friend of mine - and I decided to look into hypnotherapy. I decided to study the subject and gain a diploma. Three years later I found my life's purpose. I absolutely love using my skills as a hypnotherapist as a way to help people heal.

The things I've learned from Mary-Lou support my practice and make it stronger, bringing great value to it, and my clients. I honestly can attribute that my experiences with, as well as all the things I've learned from, Mary-Lou were conducive to my progress and my success, and to me making the decision to change my career,.  I'm not looking back. My life is so much better and healthier!
Mary-Lou Harris, THANK YOU!!

Marie (London, United Kingdom).jpg

Heather Falconer  (New York, USA) says:

 Mary Lou has changed the way that I think about food and general wellbeing. Prior to meeting MaryLou, I always believed that I was living a healthy lifestyle, but often felt run down, and always assumed that was due to a busy lifestyle. From monitoring my food consumption, Mary Lou was able to identify certain foods that I should and shouldn't be eating, and work out the best recipes for a busy lifestyle.

My life has been a rollercoaster over the past two years, and through her positive words of guidance, vitamin and dietary support has been incredible. Mary Lou is calming, positive and logical, I have recommended her to many of my friends, and I highly recommend all of you to also have a consultation, as she will change your life.

Heather Falconer  (New York, USA).png
Priya (London, UK).jpg

Priya (London, UK) says:

 I've known Mary-Lou for a few years now. She has helped me enormously since the very day we met. I've had an Emotional Clearing with her, which was the best decision I've ever made, and I also have nutritional sessions with her regularly.  Mary-Lou is an all-rounder. Not only does she help with the psychological aspect but just as importantly the internal nutritional side which are both heavily linked. I have gained extensive knowledge from Mary-Lou as she confidently explains in detail what my symptoms are, and why and how to rectify them. I now understand my body more than ever, and understand what foods and supplements I need to help me be the healthiest I can possibly be. I'm grateful to have met her and have recommended many friends to her, who would equally repeat the above

Alice (Lydia) (London, UK).jpg

Alice, (London, UK) says:

I have known Mary-Lou for the past five years and in that time I have come to understand myself both from a physical and emotional perspective. I came to Mary- Lou with what I thought was ‘just a few physical ailments’ that I hoped she could help me fix. Since then I have been on a long journey with Mary-Lou and have learnt that these ailments do not just exist on their own but that the human body is hugely interconnected and is affected by both internal and external factors. Mary-Lou has shown me how certain external factors affect me emotionally which in turn manifest in a physical way, such as inflammation in my body. I have also learnt how eating certain foods will prolong my symptoms. Once I understood this, Mary-Lou was then able to teach me many practical and emotional tools to help me make changes in my life. Mary-Lou has been instrumental in supporting me to make these changes and without her, I would not be where I am today. For this, I am truly thankful!  We have just embarked on our next journey together where Mary-Lou is supporting me with starting my own business. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter brings!

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