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Preparing For Developing Your Baby's Healthy Nervous System!

Using food to prepare your body for welcoming a new baby requires a very similar eating plan as for managing blood sugar regulation, and mitochondrial support needs for the energy required to both get and stay pregnant. 


Mary-Lou emphasises an increase in the energy supporting oily fish, wild salmon,  as well as avocado and coconut oil for the essential fatty acids and quality protein. The addition of energy supporting seaweed not only supports mitochondria at the cellular level,  but has an abundance of minerals to support getting pregnant, and the development of a healthy baby ♡


Furthermore, Mary-Lou suggests that you meet with her at moderately frequent intervals,  either before, and definitely during your pregnancy,  as she is training as a Trauma-Informed Practitioner, and just recently as a Neurodevelopment and Attachment Disorders Therapist through the lens of Biology of Trauma. This essentially has significantly escalated her knowledge base in the new cutting edge arena of how the Nervous system develops in an embryo, then a foetus, then a newborn infant, then a young baby and so on, as your precious child progresses to his or her own adulthood. We now know that the development of the Nervous System at these crucial early stages plays one of THE most crucial roles in how a human being's physical and emotional health, and stress management capacity will unfold as they grow from infancy to adulthood! 


Mary-Lou would be honoured to support you through these critical early developments, to support the health of your baby, by guiding you with NOT ONLY APPROPRIATE NUTRITION, but also the critical and typically unknown LIFESTYLE and EMOTIONAL / BEHAVIOURAL aspects of YOU, while you are pregnant, and post-birth ♡


Somatic Tools are Supportive

Because your baby FEELS your body and any Dysregulation YOU STORE, this has the capacity to influence the Baby's OWN nervous system development, so Mary-Lou does feel that the Somatic Tools may be enormously supportive of stabilising potential stuck trauma patterns of stress and Overwhelm in YOUR body, potentially brought about through your own early years of emotional turmoil. Please feel free to discuss this with her at any stage prior to, or during pregnancy ♡ 

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