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Liver Supporting,
Pain Killer Biltong

Recommended Ingredients

Most of the links to Mary-Lou-friendly ingredients below are listed in alphabetical order on this page on our website for your convenience.


  • Riverford (online orders for fresh organic produce delivered to your door)

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Milk Products

  • Neals Yard Dairy for organic sheep (ewe) and goat"s cheese (online orders delivered to your door)

    • Anywhere you see goat’s cheese in the ‘Yummy Therapy’ recipes you can opt for Ewe’ cheese or Goat’s cheese from Neal’s Yard (Wigmore is Mary-Lou’s hot favourite!!) - it is like a brie (or camembert) style cheese) or High Weald Dairy (Mary-Lou loves the organic Seven Sisters, which is a REALLY creamy mild cheddar style cheese. They also do a delicious spreadable organic soft cheese) These are the only two places where Mary-Lou has been able to source organic ewe (sheep) cheese and organic goat’s cheese. They are both an online delivery store (UK only) and they have excellent variety and flavour. Search for ‘Goat and Sheep cheese’ once you are on the website and it will bring up a very decent range to choose from… from cheddar style to Parmesan style or Brie style and other cheeses. Neal’s Yard range is all organic and slightly stronger-tasting. Please search for organic at High Weald Dairy as some are not organic. This provides a widespread of variety as they do not do the same cheeses. Please purchase plant-based (not soy!) or goat’s milk as cheese and milk have too much of the protein called caseine (which is needed for bone growth)  Cow’s cream and butter are fine as they contain the quality fat. Please ALWAYS ensure that you purchase organic fat foods (except salmon which must always be WILD) as the fat stores toxins from feed and pesticides etc, which burden all YOUR detox organs and immunity and digestive function.


And, as a bonus to make your Yummy Therapy experience even more special, Mary-Lou has added these amazing support tools for your health and convenience. Please click on the links to download::


  1. Therapeutic First Aid Kit

  2. Suggested Therapeutic Shopping List - by Body Systems

  3. Therapeutic Food Variations


The Recipe


Difficulty level: Kinda-sorta-Easy! 

Prep Time: Approximately 3-5 days hanging time and approx 1 hour to prepare

Cooking Time: N/A

Serves: 1 person per slice


Is this Vegetarian or is there a veggie variation in the recipe? No


Body System/s & Therapeutic Support: Pancreas, digestion, liver, stress, blood sugars, underactive thyroid, pain & inflammation, circulation, metabolism, weight management, repair & recovery, mood & memory supporting (including Alzheimer's and Dementia), hormone balance, heart, eyesight, immunity and alkalising.


HEALTH TIP: by adding turmeric to the spice mix, you enhance pain and inflammation support. For a spicy ‘kick’ if you like, add cayenne pepper and enhance circulation, heart and stroke support


HELPFUL TIP: This can be used to quickly support blood sugar dips, when used as a snack. 


Can be served with: as a snack or a light lunch quick protein addition



This excellent recipe offers a multitude of outstanding therapeutic supports, namely Painkilling and anti-inflammatory properties, metabolism, brain chemistry, liver and detoxification, energy, iron levels (anaemia), wound healing, and building muscle, to name but a few.



  1. About 1 to 1.5kg organic sirloin roast joint (Not a joint on the bone)

    1. This makes around 6 to 10 hanging sliced portions of biltong)

      1. Quality protein is essential and supports metabolism, energy, brain health and so much more

      2. Animal protein like meat is packed with B vitamins and iron for energy, anaemia,  and other critical body functions

  2. Turmeric

    1. Liver support, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, pain killer, improves the production of fibrillin (connective tissue), immunity, digestion, blood sugar balance, weight management, anti-cancer (anti-carcinogen)

  3. Black pepper

    1. Improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients by up to 4 times

    2. Supports the better assimilation of turmeric

  4. Coriander seeds

    1. Helps remove heavy metals, liver support, Detoxification and various other excellent benefits

  5. Cumin Seeds

    1. Digestion, immunity 

  6. Himalayan crystal salt (coarse)

    1. Supports adrenal glands, blood pressure.

    2. High in minerals like relaxing magnesium, and other minerals, which all help to improve bone density, alkalises the blood, stabilises sodium levels in the body.

    3. This salt does not increase blood pressure

  7. Organic apple cider vinegar with the mother (in a spray bottle)

    1. Alkalises the body, blood sugar support, assimilation of nutrients - digestive health (enzymes, probiotics, stabilises low stomach acid)

      1.  (available at The Natural Dispensary UK): You will need to open a free account, and put ‘Mary-Lou Harris’ as your practitioner. Then put the promo code MLH010 at the checkout stage for a 10% discount (which you can use for all purchases you make through the Natural Dispensary, in future.


  1. Slice the beef roast into fillet steak-size slices.

  2. Always cut along the grain of the meat, not against the grain, as thick as you would like it to be. The thicker the slices, the wetter the biltong will be. The thinner the slices, the dryer the biltong will be:

  3. Around 1cm is a reasonable thickness for wetter biltong after about 5 days of hanging.

  4. Half a cm is good for dryer biltong after 3 days. 

  5. Sprinkle the coarse salt on a plate and coat each side of the meat slices with coarse salt, by laying the first slice in the layer of coarse salt on the plate. Then turn it over and coat the other side. Transfer the salted slice to a glass (Not plastic!) bowl. 

  6. Keep topping up the salt on the plate, and repeat the process till all the slices of meat are coated with the salt crystals on both sides of each slice. 

  7. Pack each of the slices on top of each other in a pile, in the glass bowl.

  8. Cover the bowl with a clean kitchen tea towel and place in the fridge for 40 minutes MAXIMUM.

    1. Do not leave the salted meat for longer than 40 minutes.

    2. If you do this your biltong will be way too salty!

  9. Now make up your spice mix:

    1. For the anti-inflammatory biltong spice combine the following quantities in a grinder:

      1. Turmeric - 25%

      2. Coriander seeds - 25%

      3. Cumin Seeds - 25%

    2. Now add the following quantities to the above spice mix:

      1. Black pepper - 15%

      2. Coarse Himalayan crystal salt - 10%

    3. Shake the bottle very well and replace the grinder cap.

  10. After 30 minutes remove the salted meat from the fridge. It should be sitting in a pool of red liquid as the salt draws the fluid from the meat.

  11. DO NOT rinse the meat underwater.

  12. Simply dust ALL the salt crystals off with your hand until they are no salt crystals left on the meat slices.

  13. You should notice that the meat feels slightly 'tough' to handle, now that it has less fluid.

  14. Lay each dusted off slice of meat flat onto a clean plate or chopping board.

  15. Shake the grinder with the mixed spices well, and liberally coat each side of the slices of meat.

  16. Once you have finished coating each slice, insert a hook into one end of each slice of meat.

  17. Hold each hook and lightly spray the apple cider vinegar evenly, to coat each side of the meat slices.

  18. Now hang each hooked slice in your dehydrator (I have the King's Dehydrator)

  19. Leave the biltong slices hanging in the dehydrator for anywhere between 3 days to a week.

  20. This amount of time is sufficient to dry the meat to your liking.

    1. Thinner slices should be ready (and quite dry) after 3 days, whereas if the meat is thickly sliced then after 3 days it will still be very wet. Around 5 days yields slightly wetter biltong on a thicker cut.

  21. You can now remove your biltong and slice up, or cut into small pieces, depending on the sizes you prefer to eat.

  22. The large slices can be stored in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.



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