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COVID injection/s & shedding/transmission: 
potential side effects support recommendations

How to Prevent and Treat Covid Jab Injuries


For the last two years, Dr. Michelle Perro has been in the trenches treating COVID-19 complications, not only from the infection but also from the jab, which is far more problematic and deadly.


The introduction of the experimental COVID jabs has opened the eyes of many to the fact that there are fundamental flaws with the vaccine program — not just with the mRNA shots, which have never existed before, but also with conventional vaccines.


Toxins in food, water and air; vaccines, mRNA shots, electromagnetic field exposures and more, are making children sicker than any generation before them.


When trying to prevent and/or treat a COVID jab injury, there are five toxic components that need to be addressed: spike protein toxicity, PEG, inflammation from the nanolipid, graphene oxide and nanotoxicity.

A key tool in Dr. Michelle Perro’s treatment arsenal is spike protein-binding therapies like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine


Other helpful remedies include fibrinolytic enzymes like lumbrokinase, NAC, pine needle tea, curcumin, zeolite and symptom-specific homoeopathic. Watch this interview with Dr. Michelle Perro on How to Prevent and Treat Covid Jab Injuries

Recommended Supplements:


  1. Pine Needle Tea - Organic dried white loose pine needles for Herbal Tea, Natural Source of Suramin 60g UK - £8.99

  2. Liposomal Glutathione Complex - 100ml - £81.77

  3. Microb-Manager - 60 Softgels - £77.60

  4. Aconite 30c 100's - £4.95

  5. Shilajit Fulvic Acid Complex 60's - £32.89

  6. Dr Mercola Vitamin D3/K2 (30) £39.99

    1. Dr Mercola Vitamin D3/K2 (90) £99.99

  7. Vitamin C (Food state-not ascorbic acid!) 

    1. Cherry Active Montmorency juice (273mls) £9.99/(473mls) £17.99/(946mls) £34.99  

  8. Zinc

    1. Dosage: 10mg orally (PO), given daily

      1. While this may interfere with the ACE2 receptor, it also interferes with RNA dependent RNA polymerase (RdRP)

  9. Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

    1. Dosage: 2000mg orally (PO), given daily to reduce inflammothrombotic response (ITR)

  10. 1, 25-dihydroxychloecalciferol (Vitamin D3)

    1. Dosage: 1500 IU orally (PO), given daily to reduce inflammothrobotic response (ITR)


If you would like any or all of these supplements, please email and she will check the costs as they can change with the currency fluctuations in our world today!  She will also check postage costs where applicable. The prices above were correct as at early January 2022. 


  • Research is showing that 'Autophagy' (which can only happen when you feel hungry) is supportive in reducing the side effects of spike protein from having the injections 

  • Please click here to see the full article on The Stages of Fasting

  • 24 and 36 hours is where the magic starts to happen with fasting...especially in terms of spike protein support!

  • This must be STRICTLY WATER AND SUPPLEMENTS ONLY, or it will not induce AUTOPHAGY



  • This will apply to most people who have highly stressed emotional or career or study profiles, and/or whose diets have been too heavy with takeaways, carbohydrates (especially white refined carbs, grains such as bread and pasta), fizzy drinks, high caffeine (tea, coffee chocolate, Red Bull type drinks, etc) and alcohol. 

  • Mary-Lou will be able to discuss this with you, assess your suggested pace, and guide, support and track your responses with you.

  • Intermittent fasting of 12-16 hours per day would be the best way to start weaning yourself into longer fasting hours if you match the profile above. But remember, AUTOPHAGY DOESN’T BEGIN TILL YOU HAVE FASTED FOR 24 HOURS 

  • It is best done overnight so you can use sleeping time as ‘fasting hours’. e.g. dinner at 8 pm, and next meal (‘breakfast’) between 8h00 and 12h00 the next day (only water to drink, not teas and coffees and juices etc)

    • Choose your duration (12, 13, 14 or 15 hours) based on when you FEEL HUNGRY. Do not let your blood sugars dip, or you will end up snacking on rubbish.

    • Try and start with one or two days a week if this is not easy at first (e.g. Monday and Friday) till you get used to it. Then gradually build up your days per week (e.g. add-in Wednesday, and so on --pace yourself with it). Science shows that this is a healthy practice for overall whole-body health too. If you have been hit with very troubling symptoms since getting the injection/s, or if you have not been injected, but notice symptoms since being in contact with people who have been injected (shedding/transmission) please contact Mary-Lou to help you to supervise a fast for 3 days (to induce autophagy, which has been shown to reduce the effects of the spike protein - see Episode 1 of the Vaccine Secrets series for more science-based information)  Pls continue to take your supplements while fasting (they will not interrupt autophagy.)


For more insights and information into our present global crisis and the multitude of questions out there, check out the highly informative, evidence-based "Vaccine Secrets: Covid Crisis" docuseries where over 30 world-class experts break the silence and reveal the truth about COVID, the safe, effective and censored protocols, and the deadly dangers of the injections (mRNA gene therapy 'vaccines') … Plus the shocking scientific evidence and real-life experiences to support their claims.

Safer and effective natural therapies (some food-based and some supplements based) and healthy practices such as intermittent fasting to induce a state called 'autophagy' (which has been shown to reduce the side effects in individuals, within a few days) are shared in this much-needed series of information. 

Transcribed directly from Dr Christiane Northrup's recommendations in Episode 6:


Make your own EASY Home-made Food-based Quinine 

(precursor for hydroxychloroquine) 


Scientifically proven benefits of Hydroxychloroquine:

  • Interferes with ribosomal translation of the spike protein, 

reduces interleukin-6 (IL-6) levels (in covid cases it is an inflammation marker and is responsible for stimulating acute phase protein synthesis (sen t9 be elevated in the presence of spiked protein-especially with respiratory complications) 

  • increases cellular pH thereby decreasing viral antigen (mRNA or spike protein) 

  • major histocompatibility complex (MHC) presentation of the spike protein to B-cells reducing antibody formation

  • enhances the entry of zinc ionophore; 

  • enhances the production of type 1 interferon (which helps regulate the activity of the immune system by driving an antiviral state in non-immune cells, as well as orchestrating antiviral immune responses through: 

  1. inhibiting viral replication in infected cells in the innate stage of the immune response

  2. activating and enhancing antigen presentation in the “early induced” immune response

  3. triggering the adaptive immune response through direct and indirect action on T and B cells that make up the memory response


  1. Peels of 3 organic grapefruits** (see the caution at the end of this document) 

  2. Peels of 3 organic lemons


  1. Peel the fruits (can leave the white pith on the peels (rinds) - it is healthy)

  2. Place the rinds in quality filtered water to a level of 3 inches of water above the rinds.

  3. Bring to the boil, then allow to simmer for 3 hours.

  4. Thereafter, pour off the liquid into mason jars (will give you about 2.2 litres)

  5. Take 2 tablespoons of this liquid twice a day, either neat or in a low GL (sugar) juice such as Cherry Active Montmorency juice in the supplements list above.


This has antiviral properties.


* Add shikimic acid (either as a supplement) or by making a homemade tea, by adding 1 tablespoon of each as crushed up powder, to support the Shkimic pathway in the body that is damaged by the spike proteins:

*Caution: do not add the crushed shikimic acid foods if you are pregnant.


I recommend adding these crushed spices to my Spice up your Life tea to REALLY add value to your immune support strategies!

You can further optimise your health profile by adding the tea to your own homemade kombucha (SO easy and exceptionally inexpensive to make at home!)


Is pine needle tea an answer to covid vaccine shedding/transmission?

Word is spreading that pine needle tea may offer a solution against covid vaccine “shedding” or transmission, which appears to be a phenomenon where vaccinated people are spreading harmful particles or substances to others around them. See this article from a WordPress blog site called “Ambassador Love.”


That article states:

There is a potential antidote to the current spike protein contagion which is called Suramin. It’s found in many forests around the world, in Pine needles. Suramin has inhibitory effects against components of the coagulation cascade and against the inappropriate replication and modification of RNA and DNA. Excessive coagulation causes blood clots, mini-clots, strokes, and unusually heavy menstrual cycles.


Pine needle tea is one of the most potent antioxidants there is and it’s known to treat cancer, inflammation, stress and depression, pain and respiratory infections. Pine tea also kills parasites.

Below, find a full podcast and video that reveals two extraction methods, both of which are simple, low-tech, low-cost methods that can be used almost anywhere...Read more and view videos 


Other supports you can do to reduce the potential for spike protein:

  • Saunas: 20 minutes at a time (Infrared saunas are highly recommended)

  • 2 x Artichokes a week and 5 x asparagus spears a week for EMF and glutathione and gut lining. 

  • Quercetin 200mg 3 x a day to stop 

  • NAC 900mcg 2 x a day

    • Both taken away from food.  Spike Protein from binding to the cell and blocks the enzymes needed for virus to replicate.

  • Curcumin (turmeric) : 500-750mg 2 x a day.

British Ivermectin Recommendation Development (BIRD) Group is a brand-new philanthropic initiative to help those who are sick with covid or covid jab syndrome get help.  It is a non-profit organisation campaigning for the safe medicine ivermectin to be approved to prevent and cure covid-19 around the world.   If your doctor will not or is unable to prescribe Ivermectin, here is a resource to see if you can get further support. 

  • Mary-Lou has only resourced this site in the UK, as a support suggestion for her clients, but has no affiliation whatsoever to it or anyone who owns, runs or administers it. This is just a recommendation as an additional support source in the case of dire circumstances. She strongly urges you to DO YOUR RESEARCH, as in this day and age, the unfortunate truth is that you ARE going to have to do this to find reliable support in a crisis. It is NOT going to come from the more typical media channels. 



**Grapefruit juice and grapefruit can affect the way your medicines work, and that food and drug interaction can be a concern. 


How Grapefruit Juice Affects Some Drugs

When drugs are swallowed, they may be broken down (metabolized) by enzymes and/or absorbed using transporters in cells found in the small intestine. Grapefruit juice can cause problems with these enzymes and transporters, causing too much or too little drug in the body.

Some drugs, like certain statins used to lower cholesterol, are broken down by enzymes. As shown above, grapefruit juice can block the action of these enzymes, increasing the amount of drug in the body and may cause more side effects.

Other drugs, like fexofenadine, are moved by transporters into the body’s cells. As shown above, grapefruit juice can block the action of transporters, decreasing the amount of drug in the body and may cause the drug to not work as well.

Here are examples of some types of drugs that grapefruit juice can cause problems (interact) with:

  • Some statin drugs to lower cholesterol, such as Zocor (simvastatin) and Lipitor (atorvastatin).

  • Some drugs that treat high blood pressure, such as Procardia and Adalat CC (both nifedipine).

  • Some organ-transplant rejection drugs, such as Neoral and Sandimmune capsule or oral solution (both cyclosporine).

  • Some anti-anxiety drugs, such as BuSpar (buspirone).

  • Some corticosteroids that treat Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, such as Entocort EC and Uceris tablet (both budesonide).

  • Some drugs that treat abnormal heart rhythms, such as Pacerone and Cordarone tablets (both amiodarone).

  • Some antihistamines, such as Allegra (fexofenadine).

Grapefruit juice does not affect all the drugs in the categories above. The severity of the interaction can be different depending on the person, the drug, and the amount of grapefruit juice you drink. You should ALWAYS read any information leaflet provided with your prescription or non-prescription (OTC) drug to find out the contraindications:

  • If your specific drug may be affected.

  • How much, if any, grapefruit juice you can have.

Grapefruit-Drug interactions/contraindications taken from With thanks

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