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Bullet-Proof' Style CREAMY DREAMY  Coffee

Difficulty level: So Kwick-n-Easy...! 

Prep Time: Approximately 10 minutes            

Serves: 1 cup (depending on how thirsty you are 😀)

Is this Vegetarian or is there a veggie variation in the recipe? YES - Can be Vegan too

Client Testimonial: "I Really enjoyed having CREAM in my coffee! Didn't know I was allowed! Didn't know it was ACTUALLY GOOD FOR ME! Such a great taste!" Sam B, County Cork, Ireland

Body System/s & Therapeutic Support: Pancreas, digestion, metabolism and weight loss, blood sugar balance, thyroid health, memory loss.



  1. Adding organic cream to your coffee helps your liver to clear the caffeine away quicker.

  2. The good quality fat in the cream helps stabilise your blood sugars, and switches on 'satiety' - meaning you don't feel hungry..and so you cut down on excessive coffee intake as your blood sugars are stabilised, and you're not hungry - so you don't 'self-medicate' with coffee as so many of us do! 

  3. Cinnamon also helps your pancreas and adrenals as cinnamon mimics insulin and so blood sugars stay stable. 

  4. Non-organic coffee is the most sprayed crop after chocolate, on the planet so the pesticides burden your liver and other detox organs. Therefore, ALWAYS choose ORGANIC COFFEE, CHOCOLATE AND COCOA!

  5. Coconut oil also helps the liver to escort the caffeine away, and coconut oil has MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides which are outstanding for health and metabolism, weight loss, sustained energy levels and brain health (particularly memory)

  6. Butter is a wonderful saturated fat that is a rich source of iodine for thyroid (metabolism & energy) and immune and gut (Butyric acid) support 


HELPFUL TIP: This makes a terrific cold Creamy Coffee Shake. Let the coffee cool, whizz it in a blender, and pop it in the fridge for an hour or more. Very refreshing! 

To really ZING up your coffee to turn it into a decadent delight of Liqueur-style coffee, without adding alcohol, why not make and pour some of Mary-Lou’s ‘Th-mock-tail’ non-alcoholic brandy into your cup!  See the mince-pies recipe in the Festive Fare Desserts eBook.


Can be served with: Any of Mary-Lou's desserts, cakes or simply comforting on its own 



  1. 1 teaspoon (strength to your taste) Organic caffeinated coffee

  2. A liberal dash of fresh organic double cream or coconut cream

  3. Half to one teaspoon organic raw extra virgin coconut oil.

  4. A third teaspoon organic from grass-fed cows/goats) butter (optional)

  5. Dash of cinnamon 






  1. Place the ingredients into a blender

  2. Blend for 30 seconds or so

  3. Pour into a mug/coffee cup



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